Five Top Helpful Hints to Sell Your Home in The East Valley.

Five Top Helpful Hints to Sell Your Home in The East Valley

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I have spent the last 20 plus years focusing on the real estate transaction from the buyer’s prospective. Buyers have their own style, but there are some general habits that I have discerned over the years on what will sell and at what consequence to the seller.

1. Know the Competition

This means know what is available for sale, not just in your neighborhood, but What is in your “Home Comparison” range. When I was showing houses to buyers, unless they wanted a specific neighborhood, we looked everywhere. Your house, depending on the community, won’t just be compared to others within your community, but sometimes with 20-30 other communities. Buyers sometimes have 40-50 houses that fit their initial desire to look at, are you in that top 10% of your “home comparison” range? How do you Know? or improve your home to be in that to 10%?

2. Prepare the House

Like dating, you only get one opportunity to make a first impression. If that first impression is a good one, the looker may presue further action. A bad experience may not bring a “suitor” back for a second look, even if it is a much better look the second time. We recommend that you properly prepare the house for showing BEFORE showing it, not after. When a new property comes on the market, agents will rush to preview or show with their Buyer, So like the Boy Scouts, be prepared FIRST.

Upon a successful contract acceptance, on a AAR REALTOR Residential Contract, the Buyer usually requests to preform an property inspection. These reports are very detailed on the cosmetic level, as well as the mechanical. If a purchase offer is written on a AAR REALTOR Residential Contract, The Buyer is requesting this inspection ThWork on minimizing the list of “Areas of Concern”, as the Buyer has a way of backing out of the contract. If he does’t back out, it may be time to re-negoiate, and that’s the last thing you want at that stage of a purchase.

3. Exposure of the House

This simply does not mean that you tell the world that your house is available for sale. Buyers look at all reasonable hours, on 7 days a week. Exposing your house means, letting them see the inside, when they want to see it. The more difficult that becomes, the less likely they will come by. Many times, when a buyer is out looking and a house isn’t available to show at that point in time, the buyer never sees it. The buyer will tire about seeing more homes unless it’s one of those “top 10%”.

4. Be Realistic

If your home is worth 400K and you want 10% more, or $440K. A buyer looking to pay $440K, is naturally wanting a house that is worth $450-460K. Now you a are competing with homes that are 10-15% “better” in their amenities, location, neighborhood etc. Are agents looking to Use your house or are they looking to sell your house? If you think your home is worth more than anybody else does, than the right buyer already owns the house.

5. Hire a Professional

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